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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hey Mr? Whats efficiency mean?

    Heya there, Machine Whisperer back again, and pondering the idea of efficiency.  I often get asked to define efficiency and to help other folks understand what it means and why it matters. I hope this can clarify a bit more for those of you who have asked or just wondered about it.  
    We hear about fuel efficiency in cars, high efficiency washers and high efficiency LED lighting in the home- how does it all tie together?  Simply put, efficiency is the amount of energy you get out of a system compared to the amount of energy that had to be put in.  When we use energy in whatever form, some of it gets lost in conversion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I,C,P,E or Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow... an engine operates HOW?

A friend asked me the other day to diagnose the misfire on his little car and recommend how to fix it when we got onto a sidetracked into a discussion about how the engine actually functions and makes power.  I have answered this question so many times over the years for so many people that I figured I should just get it down in writing.  So here goes- Caution though, there be Physics ahead!
    This explanation needs to be fairly basic to accomplish the goal of assisting folk with no real physics background to get the ideas here.  I will not bore anyone with the math behind it, just the concepts and functional ideas. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello & Welcome

Hello and Welcome,
    The mission of MachineWhisperer is to act as a resource for the exchange of knowledge in diagnosis, maintenance, repair and upgrade of most common machines.
    Offering the collected wisdom of 30+ years experience of machine diagnosis, rehabilitation and upgrade at your fingertips.
In direct opposition to a 'throw-away' society: through knowledge, empowering people to interact with machines in a new way to reduce resource use and abuse. Together, lets find the path of least environmental, economic, and social damage while allowing machines to assist us in living better for longer.
    Come and share what you know, ask your questions or simply satisfy some inner curious hunger for knowledge about machines and our relationships to them.
Machines consume resources both in the process of being built, and in operation- both of which take an environmental and economic toll. The longer that machine lasts, or the better it can do its job, the fewer machines need to be built to replace it. From metal ores dug out of the earth and the diesel fuel burned to extract them to the coal or nuclear electricity plants to power the smelting and manufacturing plants, machines consume huge amounts of resources before they ever do any work for us. Even though a machine may sit and do nothing- the invested energy has been spent and cannot be recovered. All machines must thus earn their keep by doing work that frees us to do other tasks, or by doing work that humans simply cannot do efficiently or safely.
Life extension/ enhancement of machines is proxy for the love of our beautiful planet and the life we all get to share here.

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Huānyíng, Willkommen, Welkom, Accueil to MachineWhisperer!

Welcome to the Machine Whisperer Article Repository.  
This is not a 'blog' in the general sense. Its not a diary or journal.
This is an interactive extension of the knowledge base at machinewhisperer.com (coming soon!)
Its a learning tool for all, authors and readers, and relies on everyone to function. 
Please feel free to join in. Bring your curiosity, knowledge, senses of humor & decency and come ponder the possibilities with us.