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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Huānyíng, Willkommen, Welkom, Accueil to MachineWhisperer!

Welcome to the Machine Whisperer Article Repository.  
This is not a 'blog' in the general sense. Its not a diary or journal.
This is an interactive extension of the knowledge base at machinewhisperer.com (coming soon!)
Its a learning tool for all, authors and readers, and relies on everyone to function. 
Please feel free to join in. Bring your curiosity, knowledge, senses of humor & decency and come ponder the possibilities with us.

Da rulez for engagement:
1) keep it civil, respectful, clear and clean.
2) keep it helpful, concise, and relevant
3) complaints are welcome when they come with suggestions for improvement
4) sometimes we must agree to disagree
5) evidence/ science wins (belief fails)
7) theories and suspicions pondered
8) for your own good and the good of others, be skeptical, be very skeptical
9) because this is a place to share knowledge, youth are welcome. Please choose your words accordingly. 

[Legal (sorta) Disclaimer]
I know, I know. I hate this legal nonsense too, but in these United Statutes of Litigation, its just how it is.
These articles and the attached forum at machinewhisperer.com is based upon personal research, observation and real-world education, training, experience, measurement, study, diagnosis and a whole lotta opinion. Every attempt at complete accuracy of information has been made by the author(s) in every case, even when what is written is strictly opinion.
Readers, AKA intelligent beings, assume all responsibility for the use or misuse of the information on this site- meaning what you do with it is your own choice. Furthermore, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the use of information or product recommendations here; the author(s) or hosting/ advertising agency(ies) shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage that occurs from the use or misuse of said information.
All of the views and opinions stated here are strictly those of the authors and not necessarily the views or opinions of anyone else, anywhere, ever. 
Because you are intelligent and therefore capable of good decision making, (don't disappoint me here) you are strongly encouraged to research anything that seems controversial or wrong to you, and let me know what you find. 
You are invited and encouraged to reply with thoughtful insights, pertinent anecdotes or curious questions that clarify/ deepen/ broaden a topic or respond to a comment someone else posted.
These articles and all information contained herein are owned by and is the exclusive property of the author(s) and shall be shared by any means physical or electronic with no express permission from the owner needed. I offer my experience and derived wisdoms at no cost, simply to add to the worlds knowledge base. 

 However, and all MachineWhisperer authors agree here, if you are going to honor me by choosing my work to copy or plagiarize, at least give me credit for what I wrote. I did take the time to put it down in this nice, usable format after all. For better or worse, I take full responsibility for the words I write in whatever form and I want my due props. 
I will give credit and props to other authors and artists if I quote them or use their art. 
Soooo... If you cannot abide by this disclaimer, you should simply move on to other entertainment on the interwebs. Feel free to send your friends over to check us out tho! :-) 

What, why and when...
  In these articles, you will find a collection of hard fought and won, useful, time saving, and often spendthrift techniques to make the job of the machine care-giver easier.  

Whether for personal or fleet use, business or pleasure, caring for machines can be a pleasant, enjoyable experience resulting in greater reliability and efficiency (or return on investment, however you wanna look at it).
 Sewing machines to washing machines, water pumps to bullet trains, cars, trucks, guns and motorcycles- if it has moving parts its included. 
The longer-term and ongoing goal is to create a knowledge base & to invite other Machine Whisperers of differing specialties to contribute and participate, help diagnose and give feedback. We are all experts on a subject, all of us Whisperers in one way or another. All of our combined participation will make MachineWhisperer a useful, fun resource, while also being educational and inspiring source of knowledge on how to keep our machines happy and functional long after the warranty has expired. So join us in creating a better world, one contented machine at a time.

Heres how it works- check the calendar and see what day it is. Today is Monday you say? Sorry about that. But hey, look on the bright side! Tomorrow is your lucky day- there will be a new and thought provoking article release available for the mornings of Tuesdays and Fridays in the new articles area.
For the 48 hours (and onward) following a posted article, public participation is encouraged in asking questions, making comments and sharing experiences in the Forum area. New topic suggestions are always welcome too. After the article gets posted, the conversation begins over in the forum. 
The 3 latest posts are linked on the main page at machinewhisperer.com and in the New Articles area. All other 'retro-posts' will be in the Article Archive on Blogger.

Want More? Consider adding your Email address to the MachineWhisperer mailing list to stay on top of discussions, up-to-date on changes or news, a look ahead at changes coming to our site/ organization and much more. Check machinewhisperer.com for more useful info.

Welcome in, MachineWhisperer out.  :-)

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