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Friday, May 16, 2014

CR-V: Challenges and Lessons

So I recently swapped out the engine on a 2000 era Honda CR-V 4wd due to a broken timing belt and the internal damage already present inside the engine. First off, let me say this: Swapping CR-V engines is not a good first-time or learner project. As an experienced mechanic, I found myself flabbergasted and flummoxed at the outrageously high number of bolts, brackets, and extraneous seeming parts everywhere. Second- the replacement engine was guaranteed to have less than 50k miles on it but was imported used from Japan- this created challenges all its own. We won't discuss the freight damage that was evident once we opened it up... if its not one thing, its another.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warm it Up, Cool it Down, Keep it Happy...

Turbochargers are a great way to add lots of fun and power to your vehicle, however, they also need some special care to last a reasonable amount of time and prove reliable over the long run.  Turbos need extra attention, but all machines can benefit from the same care that keeps a turbo unit happy. 
The other day I went to visit a good friend and as usual, I got to hear about all his latest mechanical woes. Apparently, my buddy’s mechanic says he needs a new turbocharger on his Subaru- AGAIN. This is the third turbo and second engine in 60,000 miles. My only question- since I know he runs a decent synthetic engine oil- was 'Do you religiously let it warm up and cool down for a few minutes every drive?' He looked at me curiously, and said, 'No I don't, thats a waste of fuel isn't it?'