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Friday, April 11, 2014

Love your Used car Salesman! A guide to swindling the swindler. PT-2

  Last post we discussed the initial inspection, now to get a bit more in depth. Reach inside and pull the hood release and lets go under the hood and have a look. Most of the fluids requiring attention are under the hood- this can tell you a lot about maintenance. 

First- is it TOO clean? Did someone just take a pressure washer to it and clean it to make sure it looks like it leaks no fluids? What you want to see is dry, dusty metal and parts, no major oily spots, wet areas, or dust clots; no broken/ cracked hoses or other rubber parts, frayed cables or belts, loose clamps, missing/ loose bolts, parts mis-aligned or rubbing on belts...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love your Used car Salesman! A guide to swindling the swindler. PT-1

How many times over the years have I been paid and taken out for lunch or dinner just for helping someone pick out a good used car? Too many to count. How many hours have I spent assisting other folks in determining whether it is time to finally give up on a vehicle, or to keep pouring money and parts into it. Same answer, no way to know. 

 These decisions are difficult for me to make, even with everything I have learned and experienced. All that much more so I imagine for someone with a degree, say in accounting, for whom machines are a strange and scary world of wires, tubes, oily messes and who knows what else.